Southeastern Theological Review 9.2

Evangelism in a Post-Christian Society. Bruce A. Little

Bow Ties and Blue Jeans: Philosophers and Missionaries Partnering to Evangelize in a Post-Christian Culture. George G. Robinson

Why the Great Commission Should Be Translated “Go!” and Not “As You Go.” Benjamin L. Merkle

Finishing the Task? A Cautionary Analysis of Missionary Language. Matthew Bennett

The Role of Pre-Conversion Dreams and Visions in Islamic Contexts: An Examination of the Evidence. Sam Martyn

Interview with Dr. George Braswell, Former Missionary to Iran and SEBTS Professor of Missions. Gregory D. Mathias

STR 9.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 8.2

The Mangled Narrative of Missions and Evangelism in the Reformation. Ray Van Neste

Baptist Identity as Reformational Identity. Nathan A. Finn

From Reformation London to Contemporary Nashville: Changing Baptist Views of the Church. Malcolm B. Yarnell III

A walk with the Reformers: Reformation Reflections from Southeastern Seminary’s Reformation 500 Study Tour.

STR 8.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 7.2

Kinship, Christian Kinship, and the Letters to Timothy and Titus. Charles J. Bumgardner

Paul’s Letters to Timothy and Titus: A Literature Review (2009–2015). Charles J. Bumgardner

Divergent, Insurgent or Allegiant? 1 Timothy 5:1–2 and the Nature of God’s Household. Gregory A. Couser

Paul’s Family of God:What Familial Language in the Pastorals Can and Cannot Tell Us about the Church. Gregory J. Stiekes

Πιστὸς ὁ λόγος: An Alternative Analysis. L. Timothy Swinson

STR 7.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 6.2

In Defense of Theology as Gospelizing: Michael Bird’s Responses. Michael F. Bird

The Insanity of Systematic Theology: A Review of Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology. Marc Cortez

Contesting Contesting Catholicity: Some Conservative Reflections On Curtis Freeman’s Theology For “Other Baptists.” Nathan A. Finn

Review of Michael Bird, Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction. Michael S. Horton

Theological Aesthetics: Some Reflections on Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction. Kelly M. Kapic

The Power of the Gospel. Amy L. B. Peeler

STR 6.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 5.2

Jesus’ View of Repentance and Forgiveness: A Hermeneutical Test Case. Joshua Chatraw

David, the Book of Ruth, and Its Place in a Larger National Storyline. J. Andrew Dearman

A Return to Christ’s Kingdom: Early Swiss Anabaptist Understanding and Temporal Application of the Kingdom of God. Stephen Brett Eccher

The Crucified King. STR Interviews Dr. Jeremy Treat

STR 5.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 4.2

Undoing ‘this people’, becoming ‘my servant’: Purpose and Commission in Isaiah 6. Caroline Batchelder

Time for a New Diet? Allusions to Genesis 1–3 as Rhetorical Device
in Leviticus 11. G. Geoffrey Harper

Replacement or Fulfillment? Re-applying Old Testament Designations of Israel to the Church. Robin Routledge

Overlooked Herder, and the Performative Nature of שׁיר†השׂרים as Biblical Wisdom Literature. Calvin Seerveld

The Continuation of ‘A New Exchange’: Theological Interpretation of Scripture in Retrospect and Prospect. Grant D. Taylor

STR 4.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 3.2

Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament Christians. Daniel I. Block

Victory, Atonement, Restoration, and Response: The Shape of the New Testament Canon and the Holistic Gospel Message. Matthew Emerson

Be Holy: A Sermon on 1 Pet. 1:13-21. J.D. Greear

One More Look at Martha’s “Perfect” Statement in John 11:27. Francis M. Macatangay

The King Jesus Gospel. STR Interviews Dr. Scot McKnight

The Gospel Crisis and American Evangelicals. Harry Lee Poe

The Bible and its Long and Variegated Reception in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in Literature, the Visual Arts, Music and Film: A Presentation and Review of the First Volumes of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2009–). Christoph W. Stenschke

STR 3.2 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 2.1

Preaching the David Story. David G. Firth

Preaching Old Testament Narratives. Grenville J. R. Kent

The Immutable Mutability of YHWH. David T. Lamb

Preaching Deuteronomy as Christian Scripture. Joshua N. Moon

Augustine’s Wise Preaching of the Psalms. Benjamin T. Quinn

STR 2.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 1.1

When Samuel Met Esther: Narrative Focalisation, Intertextuality, and Theology. David G. Firth

Determining the Indeterminate: Issues in Interpreting the Psalms. Jamie Grant

God’s White Flag: Interpreting an Anthropomorphic Metaphor in Genesis 32. Brian Howell

The Work of the Sabbath: Radicalization of Old Testament Law in Acts 1–4. Ryan P. O’Dowd

STR 1.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 10.1

Some Reflections on Current Narrative Research on the Book of Samuel. David G. Firth

Communication in Lukan Birth Narrative (Luke 2:1-20). David Seal

Show Me the Money: Pedagogy, Numismatics, and the New Testament. Alexander E. Stewart and Jacob D. Ott.

Infinitive Tense-Form Choice: Ephesians as a Test Cast. David Moss

An Uneasy Ecclesiology: Carl F. H. Henry’s Doctrine of the Church. Jesse Payne

An Epistemically-Focused Interpretation of C.S. Lewis’s Moral Argument in Mere Christianityand an Assessment of Its Apologetic Force. Zachary Breitenbach

STR 10.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 9.1

Nehemiah's New Shadow: Reading and Rereading the Ezra-Nehemiah Narrative. Ched Spellman

Was It Always Idolatrous for Corinthian Christians to Eat εἰδωλόθυτα in an Idol’s Temple? (1 Cor 8–10). Andrew David Naselli

God's New Creation in Romans 8:4. Peter Dubbelman

The Fate of Creation in the Eschaton. David W. Jones and Andrew J. Spencer

Gleanings from the John H. Sailhamer Papers at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kevin S. Chen.

STR 9.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 8.1

"Out of Egypt I Called My Son": Intertextuality and Metalepsis in Matthew 2:15. Charles L. Quarles

Sell Your Possessions: Luke 12:33 and the Greco-Roman Utopian Ideal. Murray Vasser

The Curse of Cain Reconsidered: A study of the Translation of min ha’adamah in Genesis 4:11. Todd Borger

Rescuing Adam: Three Approaches to Affirming a Historical Adam. Kenneth D. Keathley

STR 8.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 7.1

What Hath Nature to Do with Grace? A Theological Vision for Higher Education. Bruce Riley Ashford

Rescuing Rahab: The Evangelical Discussion on Conflicting Moral Absolutes. David W. Jones

A Recommendation to American Evangelicals: Focus on the Trinity as an Alternative to Arguments about “Islamic Terrorism.” Steven W. Ladd

“What Is Sexy?” Exploring the Question of How a Biblical Ethic of Worship Shapes One’s View of Sex and Sexuality. Mark Liederbach

“What Is Sexy?” Mark Liederbach

Interview with Professor Grant Macaskill of Aberdeen University with Ray Van Neste

“Oh That All Bigotry Was Rooted Out of the Earth!” The Evangelical Catholicity of Oliver Hart and the Regular Baptists. Eric C. Smith

Southeastern Theological Review 6.1

More than Just Torah: God’s Instruction in the Psalms. David G. Firth

Introducing Christian Mission Today. STR Interviews Dr. Michael Goheen

The Steward of God: Exploring the Role and Function of Elders. Jeremy Kimble

Revisiting Hab. 2:4 and its Place in the New Testament Eschatological Vision. James A.E. Mulroney

Reading the Gospels Smithly: Thinking Upon and Loving the Gospels in Dialogue with James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom and Imagining the Kingdom. Jonathan T. Pennington

STR 6.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 5.1

On “Seeing” what God is “Saying”: Rereading Biblical Narrative in Dialogue with Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology. Richard S. Briggs

Vocal Exegesis: Reading Scripture Publicly without the Heresy of Boredom. Grenville J.R. Kent

What Designates a Valid Type? A Christotelic, Covenantal Proposal. David Schrock

The Portrait of the Readers Prior to Their Comingto Faith According to Ephesians. Christoph W. Stenschke

Spiritual Formation and Leadership in Paul’s Address to the Ephesian Elders (Acts 20:17–35). Christoph W. Stenschke

Provision of Food and Clothing for the Wandering People of God: A Canonical and Salvation-Historical Study. David Wenkel

STR 5.1 Book Reviews

Southeastern Theological Review 4.1

A Generous Reformer: Kevin Vanhoozer’s Place in Evangelicalism. Mark Bowald

Remythologizing, Projection, and Belief: A Reply to Vanhoozer. Oliver D. Crisp

God, Plurality, and Theological Method: A Response to Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology. John R. Franke

Honest to God, a Voice from Heaven? Communicative Theism in Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology. Fred Sanders

Vanhoozer responds to the four horsemen of an apocalyptic panel discussion on Remythologizing Theology. Kevin J. Vanhoozer

A Critical Appreciation of Kevin Vanhoozer’s Remythologizing Theology. Stephen J. Wellum

STR 4.1 Book Review

Southeastern Theological Review 3.1

The Minimal Facts Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus:The Role of Methodology as a Crucial Component in Establishing Historicity. Gary R. Habermas

In Reply to Habermas, McGrew, and McCullagh. Michael R. Licona

The Resurrection of Jesus: Explanation or Interpretation? C. Behan McCullagh

Inference, Method, and History. Timothy J. McGrew

A Roundtable Discussion with Michael Licona on The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. Danny Akin, Craig Blomberg, Paul Copan, Michael Kruger, Michael Licona, and Charles Quarles

The Resurrection of Jesus: A Methodological Survey and Introduction to the Present Volume. Robert B. Stewart and Heath A. Thomas

STR 3.1 Book Review

Southeastern Theological Review 2.2

A Review Essay of Michael Goheen, A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story. Bruce Riley Ashford

How to Do Things with Meaning in Biblical Interpretation. Richard S. Briggs

Isaiah 6 in Its Context. Robert L. Cole

A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story. STR Interviews Dr. Michael Goheen

Theology in Action: Paul, the Poor, and Christian Mission. Jason B. Hood

STR 2.2 Book Reviews